Factorio: A game all about automation


Yeah, that was another weak spot I noticed in the tech progression. As far as I can tell, laser turrets are just an outright better replacement for conventional ones, which is a shame since setting up an auto-loading turret defense would be an interesting little project. I'm finding overall that the game is a bit light on the subject of automation. Like I think the game would be better if laser turrets were not in it if they needed a high tech form of ammunition which is called for automated production and distribution as well. The latter approach might encourage you to set up the distribution network for your early morning turrets, then use it for the laser as you upgrade your defenses.On the alien front I played some more in my last save, and in the process of setting up oil processing. This is a small alien attack, which is quite variable, and it seems to be highly variable dependent on various factors.

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